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We have over a decade of experience in providing event security and pride ourselves on a professional service leading from relationships, dress code, ethics and time management.

With vast experience in event and festival security, leads too much more than detailed planning and operational task; the staff make the event just as much as the acts. Understand that the Event Security is often the first point of contact for public coming to the event, so we confirm that everyone gets a warm welcome from a friendly and knowledgeable member of staff every time. We also take a devolved interest in each festival we provide for and show our true professionalism during the event, and where possible we try and assist the event and festival organisers aiming to create safe environment that the attending public who will spread the word to their friends about hassle free eventful weekend present and for the future.


Whilst working to industry standards and health and safety procedures, our staff are fully trained as first aiders for any possible emergency’s that arise during the event. Every event we do, we always work with the organisers on risk assessment for the event prior to assigning personal for the event. Every security operative is given a full site induction prior to the event starting, so everyone is fully aware of where the first aid location point is, and where the lost child point and procedures are.


We additionally plan for an emergency cases where in bring our own staff at response units, this team act as response services, in various ways from emergency crowd control to aggressive behaviour. If any high profile people attending the events, we plan to factor in close protection officers to the personal count and to the safety of the high profiled person(s).


(Close Protection Officers are supplied to Spartan Protection by our sister company, Wolfe Guard Protection).


From our managing team working alongside the organiser’s, we only provide staff licensed as a ‘Security Officers, this way we can provide ongoing safety across the ground, and you can be rest assured that our philosophy of professionalism and attention to detail and focus on adding real value to our service is next none.


If you are attracted in our services we will happily arrange to meet, and discuss your requirements in detail and provide you with a cost effective, bespoke plan which you can work with.


Licensed Venue Security

We at Spartan Protection provide helpful and professional licensed ‘Security Officers’ to preserve order and public safety in your club or venue. It is the Security Officers role to decide upon suitability of customers to be allowed within the venue; and to monitor the behaviour of individuals inside the venue, responding appropriately if deemed to be unsafe or undesirable due to the level alcohol consumption.

All our Security Officers go by a basic code:


Personal Appearance:

  • Dressed accordingly to the venue, presentable, easily identifies the individual as a Security Officers, and is in accordance with the employer’s guidelines.
  • Wear his/her Security Industry Authority licence on the outside of their clothing whilst on duty, displaying the photograph side.


Professional Attitude and Skills:

  • Greet visitors to the licensed premises, in a friendly and courteous manner.
  • Act fairly and not discriminate on the grounds of gender, sexual orientation, marital status, race, nationality, ethnicity, religion or beliefs, disability, or any other difference in individuals, which is not relevant to the Security Officers responsibility.
  • Behave with personal integrity and understanding.
  • Use moderate language, which is not defamatory or abusive, when dealing with members of the public and colleagues.
  • Be fit for work and remain alert at all times.


General Conduct:

  • Never solicit or accept any bribe or other consideration from any person.
  • Not drink alcohol or be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Not display preferential treatment towards individuals.
  • Never abuse his/her position of authority.
  • Never carry any item which is, or could be considered to be threatening.
  • Report all incidents to the management.
  • Co-operate fully with members of the Police, Local Authority, Security Industry Authority, and other statutory agencies with an interest in the licensed premises or the way they are run.
  • Report all incidents to the management.
  • Co-operate fully with members of the Police, Local Authority, Security Industry Authority, and other statutory agencies with an interest in the licensed premises, or the way they are run.


Company Values and Standards:

  • Adhere to the employing organisation/company standards.
  • Be perceptive of the employing organisation/company culture and values.
  • Contribute to the goals and objectives of the employing organisation/company.

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Spartan Protection Ltd, a  UK based Security Services Company based in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire and expanding into our neighboring counties, our vision to be UK Wide. We formed Spartan Protection after years of experience in the security industry also holding several Martial Art instructor qualifications. We have only professional, experienced vetted and fully qualified security personal for your total protection and peace of mind.

Whatever your security requirements, whether its high profile event security, requirement for venues, private functions, public services, clubs, pubs, hotels we can ensure that the expectations of our clients are met to a high standard.

Our security managers can give you a full risk assessment and tailor a service to meet your needs.

Contact us with your needs and we will be happy to advise and assist for the service you deserve.