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security business milton keynes Perimeter Security


‘Either its manned or unmanned sites, perimeter security is about creating an active line of security which can effectively detect, deter, delay and deny unauthorized people access to the perimeter and ultimately defend the asset’.


Perimeter security is often overlooked in site security… Why?

Outdoor security can provide additional safeguard to your company’s assets, as they add a visual deterrent and scale to your security requirement.


Why are we spending most of our budget on our internal security?

It can be harder to find and remove intruders once inside your building

In an ideal security plan, putting security into layers, has its benefits…


A security plan should have many barriers which the potential criminal has to overcome, each one getting stronger, the closer you get to the centre to provide greater protection to the target your assets, inside your building…


From this, you can see that the outdoor preventative measures is a fundamental part in making sure that a security strategy is as impenetrable as it possibly can be. What’s more is that, if designed correctly, your outdoor procedures can actually reduce the cost of your building security!


To introduce a fool proof security approach, you need work inside out…

Our D’s in perimeter security..

  1. Deterrent

The first D’s aim is to deter the intruder from attempting to break in the first instance. From CCTV signs to fences and security lighting, these deterrents can cause a psychological battle within the potential intruder aiming that the possible activity never starts.

  1. Detection

If the deterrent signs fails to stop the intruder’s activity, the second ‘D’ should alert you to any possible unauthorised breaks; the aim of these is to allow you to respond as efficiently and effectively as possible.

  1. Deny

Although the Intruder may have ignored your deterrent signs, your detection methods has alerted you so that you can keep the unauthorized persons out; the aim at this stage is to deny unauthorised access while allowing authorised persons to enter the premises. Whether you have a manned security personnel, mobile patrol services or even a K9 unit in place at the main point of entry to your site.


  1. Delay

Emergency services have been alerted at this point, so now, the next ‘D’ is your next process to slow down the intruder long enough that our security personnel can respond to the break in. Fences, gates, and locked windows and doors, can delay an intruder from breaking in to your building, however, surveillance cameras should also be used here to provide additional blocks and eyes securing your asset.

  1. Defend


The final ‘D’, If the intruder isn’t giving up and looks like they might make it through, our final option is to defend your perimeter; here is for our security to apprehend the intruder and to escort them off your premises with the minimal amount of force or the required amount of force needed; or even to detain the intruder till emergency services arrive. Again, surveillance (CCTV or Body Cameras) should be used to record the situation and determine the effectiveness of the response.


Our outdoor perimeter security is absolutely essential to creating a strong and effective security solution. Not only does it adds greatly to a major deterrent, but it can also reduce the overall cost of multiple personnel located inside your building securing various entry points.


Sounds like a win-win to us!

Spartan Protection - UK Security ServiceMobile Patrol Services


Our Mobile Patrol Officers wear a highly recognisable uniform which can be seen and recognized as a presence of authority, and in order to provide a visual deterrent and protect your premises from crime.

We can tailor our Mobile Patrol Services to give you a security operative to patrol your premises at various days or at random times according to the requirement, in order to check the protected premises and provide a visual deterrent.


Spartan’s Mobile Patrol Services guarantees a fast effective response with our highly trained security officers, giving you with the peace of mind that your property is safe and secured at the times you need it be.


Security Officer(s) Presence is can be required for shorter and longer periods to your requirements.


We are operational 24/7, 365 days a year.

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Spartan Protection Ltd, a  UK based Security Services Company based in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire and expanding into our neighboring counties, our vision to be UK Wide. We formed Spartan Protection after years of experience in the security industry also holding several Martial Art instructor qualifications. We have only professional, experienced vetted and fully qualified security personal for your total protection and peace of mind.

Whatever your security requirements, whether its high profile event security, requirement for venues, private functions, public services, clubs, pubs, hotels we can ensure that the expectations of our clients are met to a high standard.

Our security managers can give you a full risk assessment and tailor a service to meet your needs.

Contact us with your needs and we will be happy to advise and assist for the service you deserve.