Spartan Combat Training

Spartan Combat Training


Combat Self Defence and Fitness Training

A few thoughts on combative training with Spartan Protection’s Training Academy …

Violence can include anything from a verbal threat…

Every violent encounter is different…

Unique in its own chaos…

Our best option for survival is to avoid all violence where possible, but sometimes that’s not an option which can be avoided…

But to avoid, you must be aware. And to be aware, we must know of WHAT we must beware!!!

Spartan Protection Training Academy endorses and demonstrates violence avoidance, evasion, de-escalation, escape and a healthy lifestyle while providing efficient, concise defensive solutions for all types of physical threats.

Whether that threat be un-armed or that threat includes having to deal with a knife, stick, multiple attackers, etc. we at the training academy are confident that you will leave each training session feeling confident and with a better chance of prevailing in that moment when violence is the only possible option to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Choosing to start the journey towards attaining your self-defence training in your choice of martial arts, or get trained with Spartan’s Combative system in which on our courses you will learn to better avoid violence and how to build safe way in your life while training the best methods known today to stop physical threats as quickly as possible so that you can get yourself and your loved ones out of harm’s way.

Milton Keynes Area

Basic defense

Course Prices*

*Correct at time of publication, please contact us for details



2 hrs – The course will end with a 30 minute fitness session

Advanced defense


2 hrs – The course will end with a 15 minute intense fitness session

Private courses


2.5 hrs – The course will end with a fitness session and will be taken from basic to intense as required.

Intermediate defense


2 hrs – The course will end with a 15 minute medium intense level fitness session

Womans defense


2 hrs – The course will end with a fitness session

Contact us with your needs and we will be happy to advise and assist for the service you deserve.


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